5 Makeup Trends From Different Places Of The World

Especially with the widespread use of social media, trends have changed more frequently. Makeup bloggers or youtubers all around the world are the names that direct makeup.

1-Italy: Colorful Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of the important parts of makeup.
The lips must be strong, colorful and perfect, as they represent the sensuality and femininity of the Italian woman.This year, especially in Italy, colors such as blue, green, purple and black will be trending.

2-England: Blushes

Blush is the perfect product to make the skin look younger and vibrant.
The cream blush is ideal for giving a natural look. This year pink blush will be used a lot

3- Australia: Black Eyeliner

You can completely change the look with Eyeliner.

4- Thailand: Colorful Eye Makeups

5-USA: Phosphor Color

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