Beautiful Skin Secrets

A stresfull life, the detrimental rays of the solar and excessive fatty foods are worn out on our skin. The result is blotchy and wrinkled dermis. Well, pointers for a gorgeous dermis..

Take care of your skin cleanliness. With skin cleaning, which is the first step on your daily dermis care movements, morning and night, you cleanse your skin of dust and make-up residues, sweat and dead skin. So that you can hold the wellbeing and vitality of your dermis for a long time.

Peeling; It cleans your skin deeply and allows the pores on the skin to breathe comfortably. It gives your skin a lively look.

Keep your skin moist at all times. If the dermis lacks moisture, it is going to put on out very quickly and wrinkles will form on the skin.

Pay attention to day and night care. Our dermis is in the procedure of repairing at night time, and for this reason, the care lotions we practice to our epidermis at night contain distinctive facets than the lotions we use in the morning when starting the day. As soon as the effect of the day cream disappears, the effect of the moisturizing cream applied at night begins and our skin always remains moist and balanced.

Massage the skin. Pay attention to your diet for a healthy skin. Fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits make our skin seem beautiful. For example, vitamin A is extremely important for skin health. Vitamin C, on the other hand, ensures that the wounds are well.

Protect your skin from the sun. Take regular walks. Exercise 3 days a week. Drink plenty of water. A happy woman is always more beautiful and more attractive. So always smile.

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