Braid Styles

Which you can with dripping moist or entirely dry hair too, so it’s first-class and bendy.

Recommends taking a section from the crown and parting it vertically in two.

Each time you take a side strand you add it to the strands that have already been woven the center.

Once complete, you can pull at the braid to fluff it out, giving a looser appearance.

Is a chunky, fashion-forward braid that is great as it keeps all the hair off your face and will look even better as your hair becomes more textured.

For twice the fun, opt for a double braid that will act as the perfect accessory to any.

Take a section from the front of your chosen side, divide it into three strands and begin braiding, weaving each section under the middle one.

To stand out from the braided crowd, consider this ponytail with a twist .

 Your hair will still be held back from your face and the woven detail differentiates it from everyday styles.

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