Colorful Nail Designs

Hiding beauty in fine details, the most popular beauty trend of recent times is gathered on nails.

It is much more beautiful to decorate the nails not only with nail polish, but with various accessories, bands, adhesives.

When combined with the imagination, it turns out to be an instrument of beauty and turn into art.

Recently, it is possible to come across many creative models related to this nail decoration art.

Nails have been a symbol of beauty and charm of a woman from past to present .

For this reason, not only is it sufficient to lengthen the nails, but various methods have been tried to be shown better.

Every application can be done with healthy nails. You can learn some nail decoration techniques by following the ways below.

In order to make nail decoration with plates, you will need a plate pattern that you like. The plate usage is much easier than nail polish technique. Firstly, the first step is to apply the base.

In the nail decoration technique with adhesive tapes, just like the other two steps, the desired base color is applied first and then the base. It is applied on the nail by removing the adhesive you prefer on the dried ground color with the help of a tweezer.

It is very simple to apply this flashy and dazzling nail decoration technique which is generally preferred in the world of show and art. As with other decoration techniques, the base is first applied in this nail decoration technique. Then it is applied until the background color is opacity.

If you want to use it longer, you can apply base with transparent colored nail polish once more.

Having such beautiful nails is that simple.

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