Correct Eyebrow Models According to Face Shape

Just like hairstyles, you should pay attention to the face type to shape the eyebrows. The eyebrows you will design by considering the face line may be the only accessory you need.

Why is the shape of the eyebrow important for the face?

Eyebrow models are very important for the face frame to look flawless. Eyebrow models according to the shape of the face are the most important steps to design eyebrows. You can find out if you want thick eyebrow shapes or curved eyebrow models according to your face shape.

Eyebrow Shapes

If you like attractive eyebrow shapes, curved eyebrow models will be your choice. The upturned eyebrow model will give you a cooler and feminine look.

Eyebrow Models by Face Shape

Eyebrow Models Suitable for Round Face

Round faces can prefer slightly angled and sharp angled eyebrow models. This will add a little more clarity to the face shape.
A two-tone light brow pencil with eyebrows will do the job of adding eyebrows.

Eyebrow Models Suitable for Heart Face

We recommend that those who have a heart face shape fill their eyebrows with eyebrow shadow. After you have taken your eyebrows, you should fill them in so that your eyebrow shape will appear more.

Eyebrow Models Suitable for Oval Face

You can highlight the initial parts of your eyebrows and choose a thick eyebrow model in the rest.

Suitable Eyebrow Models for Square Face

Since the face has sharp lines, you should balance it using the eyebrows slightly round.

Eyebrow Models Suitable for Long Face

It is important to balance the face with a long shape with a horizontal shape.

Eyebrow Types

Flat Eyebrow

Thin Eyebrow

Thick Eyebrow

Curved Eyebrow

Raised Eyebrow

Natural Eyebrow

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