Cute Nail Designs

There is simply whatever about a freshly primed and painted set of nails that immediately lures humans in. Probably it has some thing to do with all the crowd pleasing colours, patterns, and shapes.

Whatever the reason, it resulted in an eruption of nail-art trends.

Prepare your dotting tools and brushes.

Everywhere is getting more colorful with the season .

In this case, it is colored on the nails.

Colorful French, geometric lines and tons of colors. These creative applications take place in new generation manicure trends.

It is very easy to make these applications that will both add color to your hands and upgrade your mod.

First, make your nails clean and well-groomed at home with a tiny manicure.

You can switch to nail polish selection. If you want to make a colorful French manicure, apply a varnish to your nails.

After applying your nail polish, apply transparent polisher to prolong its permanence and make it look shiny.

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