How Fast Do Nail Grow

Nail growing is very valuable for women. Long nails can be extended naturally. When the nail is extended quickly, there is no need for fake nails. It is more useful than artificial nails.

There are many tips to grow nails. Some of the things to do to grow nails fast ; nail care, correct nail file, nail polish cleaning, cutting cuticles.

Unhealthy nutrition and insufficient water consumption cause the nails to become weak and break. The correct nutrition program allows the nails to grow faster. The most important rule is a balanced diet.

Soaking your nails in water will allow the caterpillars to grow faster. To prevent nail breakage, do strengthening nail care. To make it look brighter, you should drop a few drops of lemon into the water.

Constantly using nail polish causes nails to lose their strength. Do not use nail polish 2 days a week and rest your nails. Mixing vinegar and salt and applying it to your nails will speed up the lengthening.

Mixing lemon juice, olive oil and violet oil and applying it to your nails helps to grow and strengthen nails quickly. Massage your nails with banana, orange, apple peel. Moisten nails with cream.

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