How to Apply Nail Polish

Applying nail polish is very difficult for some women. That’s why there are those who never use nail polish or go to get a manicure to maintain nail polish. Actually applying nail polish is very simple. Now we show you the hints of this.

Apply clear base to your nails before applying nail polish. This base prevents it from staining your nail when removing nail polish and allows it to come off the nail quickly.

Rub the base on the tips of your nail a lot. Thus, you will prevent your nail polish from deteriorating on the nail. For the nail polish to dry easily, apply the first coat of the color thinly.

Apply the second coat after two minutes. After the second coat of nail polish has dried, apply clear nail polish. Clean the edges with acetone.

Hands with nail polish look more groomed and attractive. You can decorate nail polish models.

You can make patterns with normal nail polish on matte nail polishes. Draw a heart on your nail with red nail polish, paint inside.

You can draw patterns on your nails with an eyeliner brush. You can also do it on a different color nail polish.

You can give an easy shape with the hair buckle. You can apply nail polish to the buckle and make dots on your nails.

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