Makeup Suggestions By Hair Color

We should take care that it is compatible with hair color while making up.

Black Hair

The best friend of black hair is black eye makeup.

If you have black hair, you should focus on black, smoked dark colors in eye makeup.Nude lipstick suits black hair very well.

Brown Hair

If you have brown hair, you are very lucky. Because all eye makeup will suit you very well.

The biggest complement to brown hair is red lips. You can highlight your red lipstick by using nude or bronze eyeshadow in eye makeup.

Auburn Hair

Colorful makeup styles suit the brown hair.You can make a lot of colorful makeup in the summer season.

Blond Hair

Blushes in pink and peach shades will make you look more energetic.

You can also choose dark colors in eye makeup. Dark blue, smoked and gray shades will suit you well.

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