Simple And Natural Looking Makeup

Natural-looking make-up is a make-up technique called “no makeup look” or “no makeup makeup” that looks like there is no make-up on the face. Of course, making up differentiates our natural look, but you can use such a simple and natural make-up that no one will notice that you have makeup on your face.

Wearing plain makeup is not just about applying mascara and lipstick. It will take up to 15 minutes. With natural make-up techniques, you can look flawless while going to work or school without looking like you have excessive makeup.

You should know that the first step of every make-up is to cleanse the skin and prepare it for makeup. Blackheads and pimples increase when she puts on makeup without cleansing her skin.

After cleansing your skin, use a foundation to equalize the skin tone and to cover the redness and acne on your face. For natural-looking make-up, you can choose a fine foundation or a BB cream or CC cream.

You can choose a matte or shimmery foundation while applying natural make-up. Shiny or wet finish foundations look like your own natural skin on the face as they reflect light better.

Your eye makeup should be as natural as your skin makeup. You can use eyeshadows in natural tones such as peach, brown and dry rose. You can use bronzer instead of eyeshadow. Eyeliner is not usually used in natural make-up models.

After the eyeshadow, you should definitely apply a mascara. You should apply a maximum of two coats of mascara. You can choose a brown mascara instead of black mascara.

After giving your eyebrows the shape you want, you can fill the gaps between your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil in the same color as your eyebrows.

You should try a blush in a tone suitable for the colors you use in eye makeup. Natural make-up models are always complemented with a skin color close to the natural lip color, peach, dry rose or light pink tones.

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